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Automated Parking

Hitatech designs, manufactures, installs and services semi-automated to fully automated parking lift systems. Our first in class engineering and design team are experts and leaders in the automated parking industry. Together we will work with your architect and project manager to design the best car parking solution for your project. Hitatech will be with you from conception to delivery to servicing every step of the way. Stacked parking will maximize your space and value by allocating land to better uses. Call us and let’s get started.

Hitaetch Puzzle

Puzzle Mechanical Parking,Our most popular and versatile mechanical parking solution is the Puzzle. You can build up to a 7 level configuration; with or without pits and is ideal for new construction or retrofits. This mechanical parking lift also works in a tandem configuration without impacting retrieval time. They are widely used in residential, mixed use, and public garages in impacted urban areas. Replacing traditional stackers with the Puzzle can drastically reduce valet costs since each space is independently accessed. The Puzzle can be used indoors or outdoors and requires a minimum clear height of 11’ 7 3/4” beginning with the 2 level system.

Hitatech Tower

The Tower is a fully automated car parking lift that is ideal for narrow spaces. Multiples of this parking system design can be built side-by-side for increased parking capacity. This fully automated parking lift is made up of steel beams and columns doubling as the building structure. The exterior is fully customizable and over 15,000 spaces have been installed globally by Hitatech’s manufacturing partner. This type of parking lift can be operated with or without a parking attendant depending on the project use/type.

Technical Specifications

Puzzle Specifications:

  • Average Retrieval Time: 33 seconds
  • Levels: Up to 7 Levels
  • Spaces Installed: 30,000

Tower Specifications:

  • Average Retrieval Time: 120 Seconds
  • Levels: Up to 20
  • Spaces Installed: 15,000